A Chance Encounter


‘Yes, do I know you?’

He looked puzzled, embarrassed.

‘Err, hang on..’

But why would he after so long? We were both drunk, it was a one-off, and it was dark in that cramped car.

‘It’s Kate.’

He still didn’t register.

‘Don’t worry, it’s been a long time. I take it these boys are yours? They look just like you, that pudding bowl haircut you used to have.’

He didn’t have much hair left now but he was still clearly very fit and looked rather cool in his battered leather jacket and scuffed boots. I was wishing I’d made more of an effort but who dresses up for a school run for god’s sake?

He shifted uneasily. I think he was trying to get away but didn’t know how to extricate himself.

’Is this your son?’ he said, trying to appear interested.

Bobby was 10 by now, spitting image of his father. This was getting really embarrassing. I was now the one who wanted to run away.

‘Yes. Say hello Bobby.’

‘That’s funny. He has the same name as me.’ He saw me blushing and looked puzzled, eyes delving into mine.

‘Come on Bobby, we need to go. We’re late’. ‘Late for what mum?’ I gave him a glare.

‘Good to see you again Robert, been a long time. You’re looking well’ I muttered, scuttling away, holding firmly onto Bobby’s wrist.

‘Mum, you’re hurting me.’

‘What’s your phone number?’ I could hear in the distance. I looked firmly ahead.

‘Mum, he wants your phone number. I like him. I think he’d be a nice boyfriend for you.’


(269 words)

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