Great Scot!

So Judy Murray, Andy’s mother, is through again on Strictly Come Dancing.  It does seem odd that she is considered to be a celebrity because she is the mother of a celebrity. Even odder, It has actually been suggested she won’t get the votes because her son encouraged people to vote ‘yes’ in Scotland’s campaign for independence.

The English give Andy Murray so much stick for being proud to be Scottish.  No, no we say.  He is English.  Sorry, I mean British. Yes, the first British man to win Wimbledon for decades.  Our National Treasure.  Oh, wait a minute.  He doesn’t seem to think like us.

When asked who he wanted to win the World Cup in 2006, he replied ‘anyone but England’.  Smarting from his team not having qualified, he was not the only Scot to have the same thought but my god, did he get into trouble for voicing it.

His recent so-called blunder about encouraging the Scottish vote for independence was when he tweeted ‘let’s do this’ i.e. vote ‘yes’.  He was actually publicly blamed for possibly altering the outcome. Well that was the idea wasn’t it? The backlash was vitriolic.  One tweeter called him ‘a miserable anti-British hypocritical little git’.

He has never hidden his pride at being fiercely Scottish. We adopted him.  He never adopted us.  Imagine the shock of him playing for Scotland in the Davis Cup. After all we have done for him.  Ungrateful little sod.

But back to the Judy kerfuffle, I often wonder if we are a nation of idiots. Judy Murray won’t win ‘Strictly’ because she can’t dance. O.K.?

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