So, Dmitrov (a.k.a Baby Fed) finally won a major title at 02 last night.

What took him so long? Girls, apparently. Lots of them. His performances off the court clearly affected his performances on it. The most high profile one was, of course, Sharapova. When asked what attracted him to her he said, “well, she’s tall and she’s blonde. What else would you want?” Err, brains, or humour maybe?? My opinion of him plummeted.

I really ought to like Dimitrov but I find him totally bland. Apparently, he’s stunning to look at. I don’t really get that. His game is pure, classic, his single-handed backhand fluid, but it’s all a bit boring, lacking in character.

To be an entertaining player you need some character, a bit of quirkiness. Dmitrov is not a baby Fed. at all. Fed has a distinctive style unlike any other player.

As does Jack Sock, who I really love. His style has to be one of the strangest – a Western grip gone mad, a weird stabbing backhand, that dropped wrist on the serve. I find myself holding my breath watching Sock, wondering if it’s going be off the frame and into the rafters or a stroke of genius. I’d love to see him win a slam or two.

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