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Alexander Zverev, ATP Finals in London, 2018

The Serena Debacle,US Open Tennis 2018;

US Open Tennis 2018; Languedoc Living

Wimbledon 2018; Languedoc Living

Andre Agassi Tips Two American Prospects;

Queen’s Club Championships; Wimbledon Debentures Site

Andy Murray Return to Form? Wimbledon Debentures Site

Wimbledon Qualifying – Dan Evans is Back; Wimbledon Debentures Site

Has Much Changed in Women’s Tennis?; Diva Magazine

Roland Garros 2018; Languedoc Living

Billie-Jean, My Idol. Tennis Threads

Lower-ranked players need more support; and Dominion Post

Billie-Jean King – The Trailblazer; and Dominion Post

Wimbledon 2017; Languedoc Living

Halle 2017 CHLTC website

Roland Garros 2017; Languedoc Living

Halle Tennis Tournament 2016 (GWO)

Der Besondere Pro, GWO tournament magazine

Davis Cup, France vs GB, Languedoc Living,

Andy and Amélie, Languedoc Living.

A Kid in Sport Stays out of Court; Wild Tomato Magazine


Real Tennis:

Men’s World Championships – Day One

Men’s World Championships – Day Two

Men’s World Championships – Day Three

Real Tennis, What is it exactly? Wimbledon Debentures Site

Real Tennis Rules, Languedoc Living, September 2015.

Real Tennis Illustrations, August 2015.


OUTC  National League

Craig Greenhalgh

Oxford Open Doors

Challenge Match

Ace Magazine


Other Sport:

The Gay Games, Diva Magazine

Australian Ball-Tampering Saga,



National Coming Out Day, Diva Magazine,

Andy and Amélie, Languedoc Living, July 2015

LGBT Accommodation, Diva Magazine,

LGBT Mental Health issues, Diva Magazine,

Internet Dating, Diva Magazine,

Homo/Lesbophobia in women’s tennis, Diva Magazine.

The Calais Jungle, Languedoc Living, 2016

The Calais Jungle, Languedoc Living, 2015


About me:

Der Besondere Pro, GWO tournament magazine

The First and the Foremost,  a Gallery of Champions by Kathryn McNicoll

The Turkish Open – Lawn Tennis

Tennis World

The French Open – Real Tennis, Le Sud-Ouest

The French Open – Real Tennis, by Laurie Pignon



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